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PAX College Tour Eindhoven - The War of Tomorrow


Datum: 15 September
Tijd: 12.40 - 13.20 uur
Door: PAX, Studium Generele Eindhoven en Liberation 040
Type: Lezing

The use of drones and robots, and data-driven military analysis in warfare is rapidly growing. Wim Zwijnenburg (PAX) discusses the important role these technologies play in the way armed conflicts, counter-terrorism and insurgencies have been fought over the last decade, as well as the profound implications for the future of warfare.

Wim Zwijnenburg is the Humanitarian Disarmament Project Leader for PAX and Coordinator of the European Forum on Armed Drones, a network of civik society organisations working to address concerns over use and proliferation of military drones. He is a frequent contributor to the open-source investigative journalism collective Bellingcat and has been involved in the Control Arms campaign on the Arms TradeTreaty. His work focuses on emerging military technologies and their impact on how wars are being fought and consequences for arms proliferation. He also works on the impact of conflict on the environment. For his work he received the UN Green Star Award in 2017.


You can visit this program on campus (ticket reservation required) or watch it online via a livestream. Click here for more information.  

Website: Studium Generale - The War of Tomorrow
Blauwe Zaal Auditorium